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Roots to Healing

To achieve our aims we needed to find something new. After twenty years of painstaking work we created a unique formula called Rizasalutem ™, a blend of two words – Riza (the Greek word for root) and Salutem (from the Latin for healing). Rizasalutem is 100% natural plant derived formulation. The supplement’s success derives from increasing the speed of liver detoxification, which in turn leads to liver regeneration. As Rizasalutem goes to work, the liver repairs faster and issues around a stressed liver are reduced, an outcome that leading medical experts believe may be unique to our products.

Users have also found they enjoy greater mental clarity, feel fitter, healthier and are sleeping better. Compelling reasons for continued use of the product.

"The liver is at the centre, the mastermind of the body.
It regulates the function of each and every organ. So look after it."
Professor Dr Rajiv Jalan, Royal Free Hospital. University College, London.

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