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Equilibrium Labs’ mission is help people to improve their health while enjoying life to the full.

Think about your body for a moment. Which parts are most important to your health? You’d probably say your heart, brain, lungs or maybe your stomach. But one area we tend to ignore is our liver. Yet this organ is responsible for over 500 bodily functions and is vital to our overall health and well-being.

Liver health is something that can’t be ignored. It’s estimated that globally, 50 million people are affected by chronic liver disease and that 420 million people are currently living with diabetes, a condition that can be improved by good liver health. One in four people have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), a group of conditions caused by high levels of fat in the liver. These numbers are expected to rise dramatically over the coming years.

Siggi Clavien, Founder of Equilibrium Labs, lost a close family member to alcohol abuse. It left a deep and lasting impression. That’s why he made it his mission to find ways to improve liver health for people across the globe. He wanted to turn the spotlight on the liver, the organ of the body that is so important, and yet so often ignored, or misunderstood. Using his expertise in Biotechnology and passion for Traditional Herbal Medicine, Siggi and his team have developed wellness products to improve liver health and overcome the negative impact of poor diet and excessive lifestyles.

Educating people about the importance of liver health has become one of our key aims. We believe that the liver deserves the same status as the heart and lungs. Once that is achieved, the impact on global health will be enormous, as millions reap benefits such as improved overall health, weight loss, increased energy, stronger immune system, leading to improved longevity.

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